A new tool for Leadership Networks

Enable mutual support between leaders and coordination of activity towards the overall business strategy.

Noddlepod provides the framework for a valuable community between leaders across the organisation’s departments and offices, allowing leaders to see their own work in the context of the overall strategy and wider activities of the business. 

Noddlepod encourages mutual support, a sense of community and well-being at work - making it that little bit less lonely at the top!

There are clear organisational benefits from connecting leaders in knowledge sharing and in mutual support, but leaders are also notoriously busy. Information overload is the most common reason why leadership communities fail.

How to engage the super busy

To get leaders coming back and contributing, a community must consistently provide relevant information and support in overcoming the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Noddlepod overcomes this problem of information overload by organising the community’s activity by context, all the while building up a repository of knowledge and resources.

A flexible structure of categories and tags organises content by topic and provides easy access to content of relevance - whether it was shared two minutes or two months ago.

Similarly, leaders can customise their notifications to keep on top of the activity on any specific topic. Increased relevance translates into increased engagement, the cross-pollination of ideas and productivity.

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