Modernise your training programmes

A new tool for blended learning programmes

Noddlepod is a community-based learning platform that provides a safe and private environment in which participants of a learning and development programme can share knowledge, support and learn from each other.

Noddlepod is a lightweight, learner-focused tool specifically designed to enable valuable communities of practice and learning.

I wanted a training platform that would help support the needs of the learners and help them gain and retain their knowledge effectively - Noddlepod ticked those boxes for me and proved it straight away.
Celina Wilde
Director, Cinch Social

Scaffolded learning

Noddlepod has been built from the ground up to be more ‘scaffolded’ than other learning tools, outlining the structure of the course and building up a knowledge database around the provided content.

Noddlepod supports the delivery and impact of learning and development programmes by increasing engagement, tapping into the knowledge and experience of the cohort and providing a supportive community in the application of learning.

Any content shared on Noddlepod can be easily accessed and referenced on any device, allowing participants to catch up on learning material or to check in with the community wherever and whenever.

Providing the opportunity for participants to reflect on content ahead of class can lift the level of the discussion in physical workshops and even allow a discussion to continue online.

Tap into the knowledge and experience of the cohort

Noddlepod also provides a space for participants to share their own stories, knowledge and experiences on the topics addressed.

This can be a great source of additional learning resources, but it can also give the course provider an insight into the individual participants’ reflections and challenges.

Best of all, participants will have access to a supportive community for when they are looking to apply what they have learned back in the workplace. This can greatly increase the sustained impact of a learning programme.

It’s just simple, clean and easy to use. It lets me concentrate on my learners without worrying about the technical aspects.
Gill Brabner
Director, Resound Training