We have been pleased to propose Noddlepod as a component in customised corporate learning. Noddlepod offers a unique, easy to manage and easy to customise solution for building and maintaining communities of practice.

Daniel Evans, Chief Innovation Officer, Emlyon business school

It’s just simple, clean and easy to use. It lets me concentrate on my learners without worrying about the technical aspects. And the support from Ollie and the team is infallible - you know you can just pick up the phone and they are there to answer any questions you may have.

Gill Brabner, Director, Resound Training

Rich & interactive

Embed videos, slidedecks, and even interactive HTML5 content.

User generated content

Engage your learners in discussions, knowledge sharing and mutual support. Let the community flourish in and around course content.

Context & relevance

Organise content and activity making it easy to reference at the point of need. Build a knowledge database over time.

Customised notifications

Engage even the busiest of your learners by letting them define exactly what they want to be kept up-to-date with.

Advanced reporting

Get the feedback you need to ensure your learning community thrives. Generate detailed reports of all the activity in your group.

Plays well with others

Including integrations with H5P, YouTube, Vimeo, plus an API and single sign on support, is there anything you can’t do with Noddlepod?!

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