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The importance of a collaborative workforce

Whether your team is global and split across different time zones, or smaller and all working in the same office, collaboration is vital to building an efficient working environment. In this article, we explore just why collaboration is so important.

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5 tips for effective knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge with your team is vital to enable growth and collaboration within teams. We share five of our top knowledge sharing tips in this article.


Claire Haigh - Partner profile

The future of public services is about increasing collaboration, connections and trust. Consultant and Noddlepod partner, Claire Haigh, is passionate about supporting this shift and helping to seek out common ground.

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2017 Edelman Trust barometer

With so much research being produced in and around the area of organisational learning it can be hard to stay on top of what the new evidence is telling learning professionals. That’s why we look at latest research that you can use to develop your practice including the Edelman Trust barometer.

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Collaborative learning - step by step

By paying attention to the basic needs of your colleagues you can create powerful, collaborative learning environments. The key is to start small, build trust and step up one engagement level at the time.

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Togetherwise - Partner profile

Noddlepod partner James Tyer has 15 years experience working with digital collaboration and learning with companies including Kellogg's and PwC. He now runs his own consultancy Togetherwise.

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Why Collaboration is no longer optional for learning

Work is increasingly knowledge based, open, problem-solving and collaborative. And increasingly, so is work-based learning. Nigel Paine explores how collaboration is infiltrating learning and why it is no longer something that can be ignored.