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Building a learning organisation

“Building a learning organisation is hard and takes time. But without an effective way of capturing the gems shared in collaboration and discussions, it is near impossible.” Nancy Gilbert, Executive Director at Transform International, shares her experience implementing Noddlepod as the hub for a global network of humanitarian aid.

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Filter failure is not acceptable, by Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche argues that filter failure is not acceptable in the digital workplace. But neither is living in an information bubble. Businesses, therefore, must ensure that knowledge from those closest to customers and the external world informs the explicit knowledge that is shared throughout the company.

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A reflection on learning

Learning requires us to change neurological connections in our brain and this can be a painful process. So what can we do?

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Why peer relationships can make or break a team

An employee's engagement level affects almost every aspect of their work, so it's essential to provide an environment for your employees that promotes the development of healthy peer relationships in the workplace. Here are some of the top reasons friendships at work are so important.

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The art of facilitation improves meetings and collaboration

The art of facilitation doesn't have to be difficult. There are tools out there that enable a smoother process. We look at what you need to do to improve your facilitation skills.

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How a culture of silence is holding your company back

A culture of silence is prevalent in many businesses and unfortunately, if you are a key decision maker in your business, the fault is likely to lie with you in some ways. Find out what damage a culture of silence can do, and how you can prevent it.

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4 steps to building learner participation and engagement in online learning programmes

There are two things that an online facilitator needs to be able to do really well: build user participation and drive engagement. These two things are critical to getting the most value out of collaborative online learning. Of course, they are skills required in face-to-face facilitation as well, so any facilitator, online or offline, needs to know what to do, how and why.