Facilitate knowledge sharing and mutual support between people working in parallel

A new knowledge sharing platform for Communities of Practice

Noddlepod is a lightweight, user-focused tool designed to provide the best possible platform for building valuable communities of practice and learning.

The tool takes ideas from social media and knowledge management to provide the best possible mix between relevance and serendipity, focus and exploration.

Most social tools are built around a shared activity stream, which prioritises what is recent over what is relevant. Having to sift through a general activity stream of everyone’s contributions can frustrate and limit participants’ engagement with a community. 

Communities of practice are important to the functioning of any organization, but they become crucial to those that recognize knowledge as a key asset. An effective organization comprises a constellation of interconnected communities of practice, each dealing with specific aspects of the company’s competencies—from the peculiarities of a long-standing client, to manufacturing safety, to technical inventions. Knowledge is created, shared, organized, revised, and passed on within and among these communities.

How Noddlepod can help

Our knowledge sharing tool overcomes this problem of information overload by allowing valuable contributions and discussions to be organised into a category structure set up by the administrators.

Participants can focus in on and subscribe to the aspects of a community that interest them at any one time. Increased relevance translates into increased engagement and a cross-pollination of ideas and productivity.

This flexible structure of categories and tags also helps the community build upon the knowledge already shared and helps new members orient themselves around the history behind central and recurrent topics.

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No other social platform provides such easy access to the knowledge and insights already shared within the community, allowing members to build on the collective wisdom of the group.

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