Engage stakeholders of facilitated interactive development processes

A new tool for consultancy processes & organisational change

Simplify client communication with an online platform branded with your logo and colours. Noddlepod supports development processes by stimulating active participation, structuring interactions and keeping everyone informed of progress.

Raise the level of discussions in workshops and other interventions by allowing members to come prepared, having already been briefed on the topics to be addressed.

Keep everyone engaged and informed. Keep stakeholders informed about the progress and challenges between physical meetings. Our client communication software keeps a clear and organised historic record of the topics raised, as well as decisions and agreements made. 

In our group facilitation we find Noddlepod to be an extremely useful tool. Most importantly the tool stimulates active participation and sharing. We have not found any other tool as practical and easy to use which also supports development processes in such an exceptional way.
Kristin Haftorn Johansen
Managing director, Fønix Kompetanse, Norway

Organised and available

Any content shared on Noddlepod can be easily accessed on any device, allowing stakeholders to keep on top of progress and provide input and advice in challenges that come up between physical meetings.

Noddlepod’s unique approach to organising activity provides stakeholders the option to be notified of any activity linked to the focus areas and/or project phases of most relevance to them.

This ability to focus in on and subscribe to relevant content decreases the time commitment required for valuable participation. Increased relevance translates into increased participation, a sense of ownership and progress.

Simplify your client communication with Noddlepod.

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